Win Over Texans 32 to 30

Yesterday’s game was a passing duel with the ground game almost non-existent.  Nick Foles passed for 471 yards and four touchdowns.   Though Foles had a great game, his fumble at the Eagles five yard line made him look bad.  Houston ran the next play over for a touchdown.  Quickly a 7 to 3 lead became a 9 to 7 deficit.  Things often change with the blink of an eye.  The Texans missed the extra point.

Second year man DeShaun Watson showed the poise of a veteran throwing for 339 yards and two touchdowns.  Watson was able to run against the Eagles often escaping sacks.  On the bright side,  the Eagles did nail Watson four times behind the line of scrimmage for 30 yards losses.

His most amazing play was in the fourth quarter when Eagles defensive line had him totally surrounded at the Houston 45 yard line .   DeShaun  looked like the round piece of metal in a Pin Ball machine as he bounced off defensive linemen.  Escaping them,  he  threw for 30 yards and a first down at the 25 yard line.  A touchdown  followed on the next play.

After that score the Eagles fell behind 30 to 29.  Almost three minutes earlier we were leading 29 to 16.  It looked like Philadelphia was going to kill the clock and fans could relax ; the Eagles seem to have a  knack of making a struggle out of what should be much easier.   The fumble from Josh Adams started the slide.

A big lull occurred when Houston got that one point lead.  Fans were in a down mode.  Nick Foles  added to his place in Eagle history with that come from behind win.



2011 New York Giants 9-7 SB Champs

This had the usual discrepancies  between the Regular and Post Season Games.  Since the differences were more intense and a 9-7 team won the big prize, I will look at the the games closer in the near future.

Here are the NFC Playoff Teams and their records

Atlanta Falcons (WC) 10-6, Detroit Lions (WC) 10-6, Green Bay Packers 15-1,  New Orleans Saints 13-3,  New York Giants 9-7,  San Francisco 49ers 13-3,

From AFC the Giants played the New England Patriots who were 13-3.

Here is how the Giants fared against the Playoff Teams during the season

On the road:  defeated the New England Patriots,  24 to 20; lost to San Francisco 27 to 20; lost to New Orleans 49 to 24;  at home lost to Green Bay 38 to 35.

For the Playoffs  at home, (WC) , defeated the Atlanta Falcons 24 to 2;  at Green Bay defeated the Packers 37 to 20;  at San Francisco defeated in overtime the 49ers 20 to 17.

In the Super Bowl the Giants defeated the Patriots at Indianapolis 21 to 17.