Quarterbacks and Reserves

There is still some hope that the Eagles can keep Carson Wentz and Nick Foles on their roster.  Teams need two tried and tested quarterbacks.  The coaches can switch players if the starter either is not having  a good game or gets injured.  Experience is the key here; quarterbacks should not enter the game cold from no previous playing time.   This is the only area where fans can fault Doug Pederson in 2017.

There were at least five lopsided wins during the Super Bowl season and, if memory serves, two this past year.   To keep things basic,  let’s look at the NFC Championship Game in 2017.  The 38 to 7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings was a genuine masterpiece.  Fans no doubt have watched this game in the condensed format many times.  The one regret- Philadelphia missed an opportunity to give reserves some much needed experience.

Notice I said reserves.  Neither Eagles nor any other team should run up the score with starters intact.  Why risk injury? The losing team might use this unnecessary scoring as a rallying point when the two teams meet again.  Put simply, a team making an opponent look foolish for no good reason is bad sportsmanship.

Having said this what Philadelphia did in the late stages of the 2017 NFC Championship Game was not good  either.  Moving like molasses, our guys ran the clock down to the two minute warning.   Enter Nate Sudfeld who performed the degrading task of taking  snaps from center and kneeling to end the game.  Pederson should have called a few pass and run plays to see how the team might move the ball with Sudfeld at Quarterback.

At any moment, a first stringer might go down for a few plays or maybe the entire season.   A team suddenly has to depend on second or third string players.  Experience will play a big part on how well he performs.


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