The Man From Laramie-Horse

A wealthy old cattle baron is facing blindness. He and his foreman are climbing a small hill on horseback and getting close to where rifles are hidden. The foreman is real scum and has been selling his items on a piecemeal basis to the Red Men.  He knows he cannot sell them all at once. The foreman is trying to dissuade his boss from going up there. He pushes his boss over the small cliff and rides away quick and fast. 

An itinerant cowboy finds the unconscious old man and brings him back to the ranch. The doctor said the old man will be okay but he has gone blind.  It is no surprise. His eyesight had been failing for years.  The fall merely hastened the inevitable.  In the living room, the cowboy says “I would like to know who pushed the old man”. Doctor: The baron with his failing sight has no business riding on a horse over that terrain.  Cowboy: “There is nothing wrong with the horses’ eyes.





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