McLean, VA,-Just Outside Washington DC

Many offices in McLean VA have pictures showing what the city looked like 50 years ago.   It was completely rural leaving the impression that it had not changed much since colonial days.  That is the story all across America and further details  would only be redundant.

Washington, DC has one big advantage.  Few cities have the Light Rail system found in the Washington Metropolitan Area; or, if seen elsewhere,  the rail map is far less extended.  Washington gradually moved into the suburban areas of Maryland and Virginia. 

Having looked at this movement of cities to the suburbs, it’s to look upon the next stage somewhat better defined-the movement of the suburbs to the suburban suburbs.  This is of course is just part of urbanization of our country which has ongoing since 1776.  This is shown from the television coverage of news, weather, sports, and traffic.  To illustrate:

Back in the 70s,  Washington television stations covered the news from the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis triangle to all immediate areas.  By the 80s television stations carried news and weather from as far as west as Roanoke VA, northwest to Somerset, PA,  north to Harrisburg, PA, northeast to Philadelphia, PA, and south to Norfolk, VA. 

The Washington area was growing.  But one small shop remained until 2002.


























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