The Conservative Movement I

There is some disagreement as to what started this country on its shift to the right.  So far I have not heard my idea from anyone.  Just hold on.

Barry Goldwater was a high minded most likable person who was effective in writing and speaking for his beliefs; but the 1964 Presidential Election was  not the beginning of this country accepting Conservative ideas.  I have read his book the Conscience of a Conservative many times.   Goldwater was neither a racist, a warmonger, or a man insensitive to human needs.

Having said this,  this book contained many proposals that were impractical and even dangerous.  He wanted to withdraw our recognition from the Soviet Union and not even consider a mission to Communist China.  Goldwater wanted private philanthropy and state governments to  handle all social welfare.  He voted against the landmark Civil Rights bill of 1964 driving minorities and the urban poor away from the Repubican Party right into the lap of the Democrats.

His nay vote on the Civil Rights Bill did enable the Repubican Party, for the first time since Reconstruction to easily  carry the five sates of the Deep South-Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.   Elsewhere it was a disaster.

Consider his home state Arizona.  With the exception of 1996, Republicans have easily won Arizona.  This Copper State did go for Bill Clinton in 1996. The only other time the Democrats  came close to winning Arizona ironically was 1964 when Barry Goldwater defeated Lyndon Johnson with 50.2% of the popular vote or a margin off just under 5,000 votes.  For the only time since 1952,  the Democrats in 1964 won with President Johnson  in Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

In January of 1965, Republicans held a meeting in Washington, DC with the idea of bringing the GOP more in tunes with the times.  More later
















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